“Inspired Borrowings”: Pauline Hopkins’s Literary Appropriations

Recent discoveries of Hopkins’s unattributed use of more than forty texts in her serialized novels have raised many questions for future inquiry.  Extensive intertextuality in Hopkins’s work has been addressed by many critics; however, this new knowledge requires us to think further about the nature and significance of her extensive textual appropriations.  To encourage and support this research, the Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins Society offers the following documents that list the sources of the unattributed material found thus far in Hopkins’s serialized fiction, along with the location of those sources in the novels.

Source Chart and Bibliography for Hagar’s Daughter: A Story of Southern Prejudice
Lauren Dembowitz, Graduate Student in English, UCLA

Source Chart and Bibliography for Winona: A Tale of Negro Life in the South and Southwest
JoAnn Pavletich, Associate Professor, University of Houston-Downton

Source Chart and Bibliography for Of One Blood: Or, the Hidden Self
(Excerpted with permission from J19)
Geoffery Sanborn, Professor, Amherst College

This project is led by JoAnn Pavletich, University of Houston-Downtown.  To discuss this material, contact Pavletich.